Squeaky Peach Photos

About Me


My name is Sarah, I live in northern Indiana with my husband and our German Shepherd @sasha_the_squatchy_shepherd.

I love the ocean, mountains, travel, dark chocolate, coffee, art and lettering, hiking and exploring new places so we go on random wanders in parks and sometimes cities when we get the chance.


I enjoy photography for the challenge of capturing fleeting moments, looking at things from a different perspective, and helping others see things in a new way. I look for tiny details in nature and use my photography to show those to others as I find often people get so focused on the big things in front of them that they do not notice the little things. 

I shoot with Canon and have for at least the last eight years.

More details on my gear can be found over on my blog.


Automotive Photography

I love photographing vehicles to show the beauty of their build and design. 

I have taken a few months off of photographing vehicles but now I am back to sharing photos of those every weekend, and you can go check them out at @squeakypeachphotos_automotive if you want to. 

Something about photos like this make them my absolute favorite, probably the combination of the breathtaking views and the sleek lines of the vehicles, I just can't help loving them.

While all of it is beautiful, I find the little details of vehicle design interesting (and often aesthetically pleasing) and enjoy sharing those little things through my photography.


Pet Photography

Not only wild animals, but also pets can often be uncomfortable with a camera which makes it important to connect with them before photographing so they are as calm as possible.

This can be time consuming, but I am glad to have a better understanding their actions and reactions, and the results are definitely worth it.


I would love to start photographing more pets so if you are interested, head over to the pet session inquiries page!

Small plants in the Swiss Alps

Nature Photography

Each day we walk by hundreds of ordinary objects without stopping to notice the beautiful details that make them special. This is especially true in nature, where the closer you look the more beauty there is. I enjoy capturing the intricate details of nature and showing them to others through photography.