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About Me


 I am a freelance photographer from northern Indiana who loves the beautiful little details that are all around, the things others often don't notice, and this is what I want to share so others can start to notice them too. 


I love  traveling and exploring to find new places to photograph.

Automotive Photography


I want to photograph and exhibit vehicles in a way that is interesting to various viewers, even those who do not necessarily love vehicles.


Showing the rusty beauty of classic cars is my favorite automotive challenge.

Pet Photography


 Pets each have their own characteristics that make their owners love them and capturing that in a photograph for their owner to remember them by is special.


I want both the animals and their owners to be comfortable during our sessions to ensure beautiful results.

Nature Photography


 Nature photography is a pretty "standard" kind of photography in my mind; a lot of people do it, and do it very well, so I like to think "How can I show this in a different way" when I get ready to photograph something in nature. 

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I will be sharing photography tips,  personal gear and editing preferences, as well as some behind-the-scenes information about some photos, as well as random updates on photo adventures.